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Egypt Mission 2023

New finds in Thonis-Heracleion

This year, the team investigated the city's South canal, in to which huge blocks of stone from a great temple collapsed during a cataclysmic event dated to the mid-second century BC. This was the temple to the god Amun, where Pharaohs came to receive from the supreme god of the ancient Egyptian…


As Time Goes By...

Follow the journey of the colossal queen and king from the excavation to their display in the Grand Egyptian Museum


Exhibition Pre-opening

Colossal statues now on view at the Grand Egyptian Museum

The two colossal statues of a Ptolemaic queen and king discovered by the IEASM during excavations in the sunken city of Thonis-Heracleion are now on display at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) near Cairo.

The statue of the king may represent Ptolemy II Philadelphus, who ruled between 277-270 BC. It…