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Gildas Lesouef

Archaeological Diver


11 May 1975, France


Has worked with Franck Goddio since 2001.

Gildas is the team specialist in geospatial mapping all data. He is responsible for the small survey RIB, and every day takes the locations of all new finds and sets the locations of datum points for individual excavations.

Gildas started diving when he was 14 and later worked as a diving instructor. He also competed in windsurfing competitions for a number of years and studied philosophy at the University of Rennes.

“I love diving deep… deep descents in the open blue. I love to be on the sea, on boats, all the techniques involved in diving.”

“One dive during an archaeological mission I had an assistant. An octopus was sitting in the remains of the temple… and I teased him out of his hole… he then attached onto me between my backpack and tank, and spent the whole dive there, watching me work… it was nice to have a helper!”