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Gregory Dalex

Archaeological Diver


Born in 1971, France


Greg began diving in 1980, in Corsica. With a passion for the sea and for maritime history, he studied journalism and archaeology at university in Paris, before joining Franck’s team in 1997 as an archaeological diver. 

Greg also works as a freelance journalist, specializing in underwater reportage, with frequent publication in National Geographic France and Geo magazines. He’s a travel writer as well, employed by the famous French travel guide,  ‘Le Guide du Routard’, covering many countries all around the planet.

What Greg loves about marine archaeology in Egypt’s sunken cities is thinking about of how the city and its buildings might have appeared around him as he works: “when I begin to remove the sediments and discover the remains of buildings, I imagine how the building, the town, the people were… and then it’s catastrophic destruction. My water dredge is a kind of time return machine for me ! We have the chance to work on very rich archaeological sites, where every day we have the opportunity to find extraordinary things that help us to better understand how people lived here in the past.”