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GÉrard Schnepp

Geophysicist, Electronic engineer

29 December 1956, France


Has worked with Franck Goddio since 1991.

Gérard and Jean Jacques perform all the geophysical surveys that enable the team to have its first look at a submerged landscape or wreck site. This helps the team to make decisions about areas that look promising for further archaeological investigation. Gérard and Jean Jacques created the computer programs that help the team to efficiently gather information about the surface and sub-surface of a submerged site by the use of non-intrusive devices.

Gérard is a trained geophysicist and computer engineer. He worked for 12 years as a research engineer for the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in the military and civil applications of magnetometry. He left the CEA in 1992 to join Franck’s team. He is also the managing director of ARCOCEA, a service company for geophysical explorations.