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Christoph Gerigk

Underwater Photographer


Born 1965 in Germany, lives in France 


Has worked with Franck Goddio since 1998.

Christoph studied biology at University of Osnabrück and then photography at the University for Applied Sciences in Bielefeld.

Christoph’s photographic career has been marked by numerous photo production assignments from major magazines and international media. His first class underwater photography reflects his intimacy with the magic and mystery of the flora and fauna in the oceans.

In 1998 Christoph began documenting the projects of Franck Goddio. While they might show his artistic skill, his images are also required to document systematic excavation work and have to face vigourous scientific investigation. Thus Christoph has also become an expert in photographing the sunken history of the eastern Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. He has twice been awarded at World Press Photo, the most prestigious award in international photojournalism for his images of Egypt's sunken cities.