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Damian Robinson

Director, Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology

Born 1969 in England

Damian Robinson is an archaeologist from the University of Oxford. He is the Director of the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, which is a research centre within the School of Archaeology. Damian teaches maritime and classical archaeology and has research interests both at sea and on land.

Damian's first insight into archaeology underwater came as a student when he helped to record the remains of the Roman bridge that carried Hadrian's Wall over the River Tyne with the aid of a glassbottomed bucket and some big rubber boots. He started to dive as the things he was interested in stydying began to be found in increasingly deeper water and now he's swapped his rubber boots for a red wetsuit as part of Franck's missions. In Thonis-Heracleion, Damian is leading the excavation of the wreck of an ancient Egyptian ship (Shipwreck 43) with a dedicated OCMA team.

In Oxford he co-ordinates the research team working on the post-excavation and publication of materials excavated from Franck's excavations. These include our two current Hilti Foundation Students, Elsbeth van der Wilt and Sanda Heinz, who are working on the lead artefacts and the statuettes and small votive objects excavated from Thonis-Heracleion for their PhD's.

Damian feels very fortunate to work with the teams on the boat and on land, "there's just so much to learn from everyone!" he says.

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