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Catherine Grataloup

Archaeologist, Ceramicist


28 January 1956 in Germany


Catherine graduated from the University of Lyon II with a Ph.D. in History and Ancient Civilizations on the subject: The Late Ceramics (Ptolemaic, Roman and Coptic) from the Temple of Amun Ra at Karnak (Upper Egypt).

Her first archaeological excavation at Bilbilis in Spain was the starting point of a passion that has never failed. She has participated in many different projects touching different periods from the Prehistoric, Ptolemaic, Roman, Medieval and on different type of sites: domestic, burial and religious.

Her encounter with Prof. A. Desbat was decisive in confirming Catherine’s interest in ceramic, which is a practically omnipresent witness of the past at every site. From that moment onwards she has published widely and given presentations at numerous publication and international conferences on ceramics, notably on studies of material from Qift (Coptos), Karnak. Since 2002, she has taken over the study of the ceramic material from the underwater excavations of Franck Goddio in Thonis-Heracleion, Canopus and Alexandria, where ceramics from the Saite, Ptolemaic, Roman, Byzantine periods are found.

For further information about Catherine’s publications see the publication pages of IEASM.