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Mario Rodriguez Barrera

Archaeological Diver


Born 1970 in Havana, Cuba


We have known Mario since 2004 in his role as Chief Diver for the Cuban Department of Underwater Archaeology. In 2010 he joined Franck’s team to bring his experience and skill to the excavations in the Philippines and Egypt.

For people who love diving, reading Mario’s CV is excitement itself. After graduating University with a degree in Economics in 1982, he began his diving career, marked with highlights such as graduating in 1984 for Heavy Diving (Diving Bell) with the Cuban Navy. In 1991, he passed the Deep Diving Course with open Bell and Gas mixtures with the Bulgarian Institute of Hydrography and the Cuban Institute of Hydrography and then the Underwater Cutting & Welding Diving Bell and Light with the Oceanographic Institute of Moscow.

In 1992 Mario decided to improve his skills in Archaeology and took a course in underwater archaeology at the Office of Archaeology and History (Havana). In 1995, he got his approval by the Cuban Registry of Ships as a Diver Inspector and in 2005 he became ACUC Certified Dive Archaeologist.

Besides diving, spear fishing and Skyping with his kids, Mario is also passionate about photography.