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Online Seminar

The Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology (OCMA) is inviting you to attend its online seminar series "Alexandria and the Sea".

From 11th October to 2nd December lectures will be held each Monday and Thursday at 5 pm (GMT). The purpose of this seminar is to examine the relationship of the city of Alexandria to the sea during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. On Mondays, the Classical Archaeology Seminar will present the research of scholars and their teams working in and around Alexandria examining the city, its maritime façade, and connections across the sea beyond Egypt. In the Maritime Archaeology Seminar on Thursdays, a detailed range of studies on the underwater excavations and material culture from the Portus Magnus will be presented.

The series will culminate in a public lecture by Franck Goddio on Thursday, 2nd December, at 5 pm (GMT) in which he will present, for the first time, the results of his 25 years of research in the ancient Portus Magnus of Alexandria.

Alexandria and the Sea has been made possible by the generous support of the Hilti Foundation.

Classical Archaeology Seminar (Mondays, 5 pm UK time)

The Monday meetings will be held on Zoom, to join:
Meeting ID: 922 8908 5742
Passcode: 841506

11th October 2021: Jean-Philippe Goiran

Geoarchaeology of the ancient harbours of Alexandria (Egypt): state of the art

18th October 2021: Franck Goddio

The Iseum on the Royal Island of Antirhodos in the Portus Magnus of Alexandria

25th October 2021: Kyriakos Savvopolous

Underwater finds from Akra Lochias and Shatby

1st November 2021: Ehab Fahmy

Alexandria and its suburbs: the maritime cultural landscape

8th November 2021: Jean-Yves Carrez-Maratray

From Alexandria to Canopus: some topographical and religious observations concerning the eastern Alexandrian shore

15th November 2021: Damian Robinson

With Alexander Belov, Nesreen Elgaly, David Honore, Catherine Grataloup, Patrice Sandrin and Tina Roushannafas
J3: a Roman working vessel from the Portus Magnus

22nd November 2021: Pascal Arnaud

Ships, people, port-networks and seasons: keys for understanding the maritime sea-routes from and to Alexandria

29th November 2021: Robert Steven Bianchi

Maritime Alexandria through the lens of Thonis-Heracleion

Maritime Archaeology Seminar (Thursdays, 5 pm UK time)

The Thursday meetings will be held on Zoom, to join:
Meeting ID: 915 9109 5059
Passcode: 865850

14th October 2021: Antoine Guillain

Portus Magnus: Approche méthodologique d’une fouille sous-marine

21st October 2021: Catherine Grataloup

Ceramics from the Portus Magnus

28th October 2021: Andrew Meadows and Thomas Faucher

Coins from the Portus Magnus & terrestrial Alexandria

4th November 2021:

No paper

11th November 2021: Susan Walker

The emperor Caracalla’s visit to Alexandria as seen from the harbour

18th November 2021: Alex Belov

Alexandria as the centre of maritime innovations

25th November 2021: Christoph Gerigk

Photography and the Portus Magnus

Public lecture (5 pm UK time)

To attend the public lecture virtually:

2nd December 2021: Franck Goddio

An overview of the Portus Magnus of Alexandria

Please note that this presentation is being organised as a livestreamed lecture aimed at the public.