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Eric Wartenweiler Smith

Archaeological Diver


Born in 1962 in the U.S.A.


Member of Franck’s Team since 1996

Eric is a sailor, diver, and storyteller whose passion is to share the excitement of exploration on the sea.

As a professional mariner, Eric has worked as a Captain of tugboats, salvage, and scientific research vessels. As a commercial diver Eric has worked in salvage and construction, while his work as a scientific diver has included working for NASA climbing volcanoes in the Bolivian Andes to study the origins of life in extreme environments.

He also worked for many years in emergency medicine, as a paramedic and hyperbaric chamber technician.

Eric loves sharing the adventure of being part of Franck’s Team with students and the general public, and often gives presentations and writes on the diver’s perspective of being part of this incredible team. You can find some of his stories on the blog: