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Franck Goddio Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Through our research, we are bringing back to life traces of ancient civilizations. Each object we excavate tells its own little story. Each object adds another piece to the big picture of how people lived in the past, how they traded, how they fought and what they believed in. 

My team and I are always looking for ways to let you take part in our discoveries and to share what we excavate, restore and study. With this in mind, we have started a new series "Finds - the stories behind them", where we present single objects and explain what we have learned about them during our research.

We hope you like it and we will try to add many more objects regularly: www.franckgoddio.org/finds 


A number of people were asking where they can watch longer documentaries on our projects and research work. I am happy that a film presenting our work in Thonis-Heracleion is now available for streaming:

Egypt -- A Sunken City can be watched on Amazon Prime.


Take care and all the best,