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Franck Goddio Newsletter
With best wishes for a happy and successful 2014
Meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année
Feliz y prospero año nuevo
Mit den besten Wünschen für das neue Jahr

Franck Goddio

IEASM - Institut Européen d'Achéologie Sous-Marine

The statuette of God Bes (probably 2nd century B.C.) was discovered during excavations in Heracleion. The role of the Egyptian god Bes is to watch over humans in their daily lives. He protects humans against evil forces, evil spirits and dangerous animals. Bes scares off all the forces of evil with his grotesque dances and hideous grimaces, but he also brings joy, entertainment and good humour. He protects sleep and guarantees quiet nights and peaceful rest. Bes is the protector of women in childbirth over whom he watches during pregnancy. ©Franck Goddio/Hilti Foundation, Photo: Christoph Gerigk