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Franck Goddio Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Here is a little throwback: Five years ago we inaugurated the premiere of the exhibition Osiris - Egypt's Sunken Mysteries at the Institut du monde arabe in Paris. The show with finds from our research in Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus has been touring Europe and the US since. The current venue at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond will close its doors in January 2021. The artefacts will then return to their home land of Egypt.

You can watch clips from the Paris exhibition on our YouTube Channel with explanations from me in French.

We have added new excavated objects to the FINDS series on our website. 

They tell amazing stories of past civilizations, like the foundation gold plaque and the bronze statuette of a standing pharaoh from Thonis-Heracleion, the priest with Osiris-Canopus from Alexandria or the headless statue of a queen from Canopus. I hope you enjoy diving into their history.


My team and I wish you a peaceful Holiday Season and all the best for 2021. We hope to continue to share with you new discoveries and research results in the new year.

Take care,