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Sue Hendrickson

Archaeological Diver, Paleontologist


2 December 1949


Has worked with Franck since 1991.

Sue has worked as a professional diver since 1971, from collecting tropical fish for aquariums, to modern salvage, diving for lobsters, collecting shells, and many years of underwater archaeology. She served as the foreign liaison for CariSub, the Cuban Maritime Archaeology Department and is a member of the Explorer’s Club, New York, the Society for Historical Archaeology and the Paleontological Society. She is also a museum consultant in palaeontology and a specialist in paleontological fieldwork and fossil inclusions in amber from the Dominican Republic and Chiapas, Mexico. Sue also found the most complete T Rex dinosaur of all time! It is now named after her and a major exhibition of the Field Museum of Chicago.

 “I am proud to be working with Franck on what are the best underwater archaeology projects in the world. He has managed to put together all the complicated pieces to carry through these immense projects, from permits to research to discovery to excavation, to publication, documentaries and museum exhibitions. It’s a large complex of many talented people and I am glad to be part of it all!”
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