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Sunken Treasures: Ming Dynasty Ceramics from a junk

Sunken Treasures: Ming Dynasty Ceramics from a Junk

Denver Art Museum
Denver, November 2000 - October 2002

This exhibition included ceramics from the cargo of the San Isidro, a junk that sank off the Philippine coast. It was discovered in 1995 near the village of San Isidro, north of Manila and was excavated under Franck Goddio direction in collaboration with the National Museum of the Philippines. The ship's inventory included bowls and dishes made in the early 1500s, probably at a kiln in Fujian province in South China. Most of the ceramics are simple utilitarian wares with floral designs painted in underglaze cobalt blue. They provide information on a commercial network that existed between China and the Philippines that eventually extended to Europe and the Americas.

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