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Sunken Treasure: 15th Century Chinese Ceramics from the Lena Cargo

Sunken Treasure: 15th Century Chinese Ceramics from the Lena Cargo

Percival David Foundation, London
September - December 2000

Baur Foundation, Geneva
April-July 2001

Discovered in 1997 by Franck Goddio the Lena junk sank at the end of the 15th century in the Philippines.

The most significating artefacts found on the wreck were first presented in an exhibition held at the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art in London from September 6th till December 15th, 2000.  It featured over 80 blue-and-white porcelains and celadons recovered from the "Lena Cargo". The ceramics date to the late fifteenth century with forms and decoration that are typical of the export wares of the period. The porcelains were made at Jingdezhen, the location of the Ming imperial porcelain factory and the celadons are from the Longquan kilns which specialised in this type of ware. Examples of imperial ceramics in the David Foundation were included in the exhibition for comparative purposes and a fully illustrated catalogue was published.

The exhibition then went on to Geneva where it was presented at the Baur Foundation – Museum of Far Eastern Art from April 5th to July 1, 2001 with a display of 150 ceramics, blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, jars, and celadons of the Ming dynasty.

Exhibition catalogue