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Treasures of the San Diego

Treasures of the San Diego

The San Diego, a Spanish merchant galleon, sunk in action in Manila Bay by Dutch forces in 1600 along with over 5,000 artifacts which were entombed when the ship went down. She was discovered after extensive archive studies and electronical surveys by Franck Goddio, in coordination with the National Museum of the Philippines, and excavated from 1991 to 1994.

The exhibition, a veritable time capsule of the 16th century, offered the public a rare opportunity to view an array of incredibly preserved antiquities from all four corners of the world.

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The Exhibition tour:

On a retrouvé le trésor du San Diego!
Paris, September 1994 - January 1995 

Un tesoro bajo el mar
Madrid, May 1995 - October 1995 

The treasure of the San Diego
New York, November 1996 - February 1997 

Der Schatz der San Diego
Berlin, June - October 1997 

The treasure of the San Diego
Manila, February - April 1998