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Marie-Amande CoignarD


Joined Franck's team in 2011

Marie-Amande is the latest addition to the team. She graduated with a Master of Science in the Conservation of archaeological objects, from the Sorbonne (France). She gained experience at the French School at Athens, where she worked on ceramics, mosaics and wrecks from different archaeological projects, as well as in Fremantle (Western Australia) on subaquatic metal artefacts that had been recovered from underwater.

Archaeological artefacts can be very fragile when brought to the surface and so Marie-Amande’s work on the boat is vital in order to keep the fragile things that we excavate in a perfect state of preservation. She also organises the storage, packaging and transportation of objects to our laboratory onshore where she can undertake more complex cleaning and conservation tasks.

Her master's thesis is published as : Coignard & Garcia, “Excavation of a fine instrument mechanism: conservation of an aneroid barometer from a marine environment”, Bulletin of the Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (2010), 34: 20–26.