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Ocean Odyssey

Chinese and Thaï Jars from Spanish Galleon San Diego (1600)
Copper gongs from Junk Royal Captain (end 15th century) and a Chinese Iron Wok found on Junk Lean Shoal (end 15th century)
Chinese and Thaï Jars from Spanish Galleon San Diego (1600) with bronze rings from Investigator Shoal Junk (XIIIth century) indicating smuggling trade and tin ingots from Lena Shoal Junk (end of 15th century)

An Ocean Odyssey, the Adventure of Chinese Ceramics

Baur Foundation - Museum of Far Eastern Art
Geneva, February - August 2010

The exhibition presented a selection of pieces from the collection of Chinese export ceramics of Ambassador and Mrs Charles Müller, displayed in a wider cultural context along with navigational instruments, engravings and old books, sculptures and models of boats lent by various Geneva museums. The tour ended with a reconstitution of the deck of a junk, laden with spices and jars, tin ingots and gongs salvaged from the ocean depths during excavations directed by Franck Goddio in collaboration with the National Museum of the Philippines.

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